Retro Studios Hire Former Naughty Dog, Vigil Games Employees

Just to get the rumor mill churning, Retro Studios (Metroid Prime series, Donkey Kong Country  Returns, Mario Kart 7) has very recently hired several former employees of Naughty Dog (Uncharted series) and Vigil Games (Darksiders series) for their latest project, described by Retro Studios as their “crowning achievement”. This has led many people, myself included, to question what kind of game necessitates such an all-star team. With the release of the Wii U on the near horizon, it makes sense to assume that the new game is going to be a Wii-U project. It’s easy to assume that the new title is going to be another entry in the Metroid Prime series, whose last game was 2007’s Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

The people that were hired by Retro Studios are predominantly artists; possibly to ensure that a new Prime title would retain the mature art direction that is associated with the series. Retro Studios has also gone on record, stating that they are working on a project for the Wii U (then Project Café or Wii 2) that “everyone wants us to do”. This throws a wrench into everything, because that one statement could mean a million different things to a million different people. I, for one, am holding out hope for a brand new Nintendo IP. Others, though, are calling out for the very first home console Zelda game not to be developed by Nintendo. Or it could be another Metroid Prime, though how anticlimactic would that be? After all, people like surprises.

The time before a new console is released always creates both great anticipation and great anxiety in gamers. Until any official announcement is made, Retro Studios has the entire gaming world by the balls.

Many thanks to ScrewAttack for the heads up. Remember, the Wii U is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime before 2013, though this can always change at a moment’s notice.

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