Apple will Retire the MagSafe

There is a lot to be said about Apple’s new MacBook line of laptop computers; the screen is quite stunning, the keyboard is something to get used to, and it’s a computer that demonstrates the direction that new Apple computers will go. A lot of reviews have said it is missing components and most focus on the lack of USB ports. However, I am missing a different component, the MagSafe power adapter.

I have owned a MacBook Pro 13” since starting college in 2010 and it has been an awesome computer. There are a lot of things that make this an excellent computer, but the MagSafe connector has remained to be one of my favorites. When the MagSafe power cord was released many years back, it was heralded as a no-brainer idea. The idea was to prevent the worst accident that can happen your laptop, tripping over the power cord causing the laptop to crash down to the ground. Apple fixed that problem by making the power cord attach to the laptop with a small magnet, so if the user trips over the cord, the cord will fly but the laptop will remains safe. I am surprised to see that most manufactures have not replicated the MagSafe as it is a great idea and has been on the market for many years.

But now Apple is retiring the connector and I wish they weren’t. The MagSafe is a component that defines Apple; a solution to a problem that is both elegant and effective. I applaud Apple’s drive towards simplicity, having only one USB port on the computer is bold, but losing the MagSafe is an unnecessary loss.

Farewell MagSafe

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