‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ Return to Theaters for One Night

To celebrate the release of Tarantino XX, the Blu-Ray collection that celebrates 8 films from the oeuvre of Quentin TarantinoMiramax will team with IGN and Fathom Events for a nationwide theatrical re-release of his first two films.  On Tuesdayy, December 4th at 7:00 PM, theaters will be showing Reservoir Dogs, which just turned 20 years old.

Later that week, on Thursday, December 6th, also at 7:00 PM, Pulp Fiction will be playing.  Both movies will have a feature that concerns Tarantino’s career, as well as some trailers for films that have inspired the filmmaker.

Fathom Events show special events  (foreign films, filmed operas, live concerts, sports events, etc) in a lot of theaters across the nation, and you can click on the following links for ticket information for both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fictionrespectively.  It looks like both events will be a little pricey in comparison to regular theatrical screenings ($12.50 per ticket), but unless you live in Los Angeles and go to the New Beverly Cinema, when is the next time you’ll be able to see either film in theaters?  The only drawback is usually Fathom Events are just projected DVD’s (like the upcoming Halloween re-release will be), but for many, it’s the only time they’ll be able to see these movies in theaters.   Count me in, as Reservoir Dogs is my favorite film of all time, and has been for years.

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