Reel Metal: Red Fang – “Wires”

Ahh the joys or perpetuating stereotypes.  By definition all metalheads must be ruthless, unrefined, dirty, smelly bastards who like nothing better than to fuck shit up and cause a ruckus.  Well, as they say, all stereotypes exist for a reason, and stoner metal badasses Red Fang are damn proud of their redneckish ways.  While some bands/videos take themselves very (sometimes too) seriously, others are a romp; an ode to drinking and partying and mussing things up like a little kid.  All in all this video is a tribute to all things gritty and ridiculous, just as metal should be.

Before you watch, here’s a nice little quote to warm you up for what you’re about to see.  From drummer John Sherman on working with director Whitey McConnaughy:

Working with Whitey again was great, because we knew the end result would be amazing — he doesn’t half-ass. But it was also a little scary, because Whitey would do whatever it took to get the ultimate shot, even if it meant killing us.”

Sounds about right.  Here we go.

Artist: Red Fang
Track: “Wires”
Album: Murder The Mountains (2011)
Director: Whitey McConnaughy

Why It Rules:
Two words: Brian Posehn.

Okay his cameo isn’t the only reason why that video is awesome, but he sure ups the coolness factor considerably.  Aside from that, well, what can I say?  I’m seriously jealous of the dudes in Red Fang.  I wish I had the opportunity to run down countless things with my car while drinking beer and giving the world the middle finger.  Damn.  On a more serious note the video is very well done and is loads of fun to watch.  While I wasn’t busy laughing I was trying to figure out just what in the hell these guys were up to and the payoff was oh so sweet.

Red Fang‘s new album, Murder The Mountains, is out now on Relapse Records.



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