Reel Metal: Protest The Hero – “C’est La Vie”

Protest The Hero are another one of those bands who are not quite metal but not quite rock either.  They kind of teeter on the blurred edge between the two, and because of this they have fans on both sides of the ever-blurring genre divide.  I for one fall into the category of fan.  Their music is technical but not pretentious and singer Rody Walker‘s voice is beautiful and dynamic.

Artist: Protest The Hero
Track: “C’est La Vie”
Album: Scurrilous (2011)
Director: Marc Andre Debruyne

Why It Rules:
“Sing a song of living / Before everybody dies”.

Not only is the video a spot on representation of what the song is about, but it’s execution is simplistic and unique.  Like i said earlier, Protest The Hero are certainly not a “metal” band, but the idea of a pseudo-heavy band sitting in chairs while they play seems so backwards and awesome at the same time.  Not to mention the meticulous set design that reminds me of an avant-garde art installation that accents just how much time and effort went into the making of the video.  Like so many videos in this exposé, it sets itself apart with a little creativity and a lot of thought, making it one of the most interesting videos released this year.

PTH‘s new album, Scurrilous, is out now on Vagrant Records.  Metal fan or not, you should definitely check it out as it is one of the most forward-thinking albums of the year.


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