Reel Metal: Powerglove – “Batman”

This one is for all you video game fanatics.  Powerglove burst onto the scene back in 2003 with their ridiculous brand of “Atari metal”, covering theme songs from various classic and contemporary video games.  While the band’s purpose is clearly tongue-in-cheek, their immense talent and knack for composition has launched them to new and respected heights while carving themselves a tight little niche all their own.

As you have probably guessed, the song is their power metal version of the Batman cartoon theme song.  Enjoy!

Artist: Powerglove
Track: “Batman”
Album: Saturday Morning Apocalypse (2010)
Director: David Brodsky

Why It Rules:
Not only is the video entertaining as all hell, but it’s creative and suits the band’s style perfectly.  It’s only logical that a band whose existence is based around kitschy video game and cartoon themes would create a “video game” themselves where they are the heroes.  It’s a simple premise and idea, but again it’s all in the execution.  Director David Brodsky is an absolute genius when it comes to modern music videos (his name will undoubtedly pop up a few more times throughout this list) and always seems to find the perfect representation of whichever band he is working with.  Powerglove is a band of immense scope (they even dress in the same fashion as GWAR, and their live shows are none too subtle, either) and it’s only right that they would make a video so memorable.  It’s videos like this that make me proud to me a metal fan and still support the art of the music video.

Metal fan or not, if you’re a nerd in any way, shape or form you ought to like Powerglove.  Their newest effort, which is a collection of theme songs from 90’s cartoons, Saturday Morning Apocalypse, is out now on E1 Music.  Grab it.


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