Reel Metal: Municipal Waste – “Wrong Answer”

Contempo-thrashers Municipal Waste always have badass videos to accompany their beer and weed soaked brand of re-thrash, but this video takes the cake so far.  It pretty much sums up what your listening experience will be like when you throw in one of their in-your-face albums on a warm summer night of vandalism and tomfoolery.  Because let’s face it, the only proper way to listen to Municipal Waste is while you’re well on your way to being blackout drunk with a bat and a hankering for violence that must be sated.

Artist: Municipal Waste
Track: “Wrong Answer”
Album: Massive Aggressive (2009)
Director: David Brodsky

Why It Rules:
I warned you that David Brodsky‘s name would be popping up again on this list and this is another prime example of why his videos are some of the coolest and most creative currently being made.  He’s definitely got a crude sense of humor and has a knack for pinpointing a band’s style and sound and showcasing it perfectly through video.  The video’s a romp, filled with aptly cheesy gore, terrible hilarious acting by the band members themselves, and awesome purposely low budget looking set design.  In short:  It’s a B-grade horror game show and you definitely don’t want to get THE WRONG ANSWER!

Municipal Waste‘s latest party favor, Massive Aggressive, is out now on Earache Records.


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