Reel Metal: Mastodon – “Deathbound”

Earlier in the year Adult Swim launched a campaign to bring 10 songs from some of their favorite bands to their fans absolutely free.  One of those songs is the below B-side from Mastodon‘s epic 2009 opus Crack The Skye.  Apparently, upon hearing the song the dudes at AS decided there had to be a video for it, and the first thought that came to their collective minds was PUPPETS!

I think that’s all that needs to be said.  Watch the video below.

Artist: Mastodon
Track: “Deathbound”
Album: Crack The Skye (B-side) (2009)
Director: Jonathan Rej and Tom Bingham

Why It Rules:
Aside from the inherent awesomeness of drummer Brann Daillor dressed as Mr. Rogers, the video is pure entertainment.  It’s got Adult Swim written all over it and c’mon, who doesn’t like the idea of a violent puppet apocalypse?  Mastodon have always put out pretty interesting music videos and this one is no exception.  In fact, it just might be the craziest of them all.

Mastodon‘s upcoming album, The Hunter, comes out September 27th.  You can preview the tracks “Spectrelight” and “Black Tongue” now!  Check ’em out, they sure don’t disappoint.

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