Reel Metal: Kvelertak – “Mjød”

Kvelertak are one of the most interesting and unique bands to emerge in quite a while.  Hailing from Norway, these punk n’ rollers have carved a path for themselves as one of the most fun and off-the-wall acts the metal world has ever seen.  So it’s no wonder that when they decided to make a music video they would do an expert job of putting a creative spin on the over-used horror theme that so many death metal bands have exploited over the years.

Most videos of this nature tend to have some fairly generic shots of the band playing in some warehouse intercut with extreme close ups and shaky cam shots of indecipherable carnage, attempting to increase the tension and extremity of the video.  Rarely do you see a well shot and edited pseudo short film cut around an interesting music video, which is what these Norwegian badasses have done.

Artist: Kvelertak
Track: “Mjød”
Album: Kvelertak (2010)
Director: Kyrre Larsen


Why It Rules:
There’s really nothing new here—as I explained before the ambiguous horror angle has been done more times than a French whore—but what makes this video stand out is its execution.  Not only is it well shot, but I can actually tell what’s going on in the intercut story.  The scenes are choreographed well and the set design and tone is pretty cool.  And of course, Kvelertak fucking rule and make me wanna dance and beat up hipsters all at the same time.  And that’s my kind of music.

Kvelertak‘s Self-Titled debut album is available now on Indie Recordings.


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