Reel Metal: HORSE The Band – “Shapeshift”

HORSE The Band are a weird group of guys, wonderfully, brilliantly twisted and weird.  So it’s only right that they would make a video to suit their inane tastes.  I’m gonna stop saying so much drivel before the video and just let you watch it.  So here:

Artist: HORSE The Band
Track: “Shapeshift”
Album: Desperate Living (2009)
Director: Daniel Chesnut

Why It Rules:
I’ve always admired these guys for their unwillingness to conform to any one genre.  They’re oddball brand of Nintendo-core is utterly unique and their spastic time and style shifts almost make you uncomfortable, which to me is the point of this video.  Like so many of the videos in this list, the video compliments the music perfectly.  The odd spinning motif evokes the idea of shapeshifting, hence the song title, and plays like an old timey film shot at 15 frames-per-second.  And to top it off, I’m pretty sure singer Nathan Winneke is wearing a thong and, as someone pointed out in the comments section of the video, looks like a “pissed of Nick Swardson“.  WIN.

HtB‘s newest offering, Desperate Living, is out now on Vagrant Records.


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