Reel Metal: Cephalic Carnage – “Ohrwurm”

Cephalic Carnage make some of the most interesting and all around badass music on the planet.  Their blend of self-dubbed “Rocky Mountain Hydro Grind” and death metal, free jazz, punk, hardcore, and everything in between makes for one of the most unique and esoteric sounds in metal.  So it’s no surprise that they would make one of the most “What The Fuck?!!” music videos I’ve ever seen.

Definitely NSFW.

Artist: Cephalic Carnage
Track: “Ohrwurm”
Album: Misled By Certainty (2010)
Director: Michael Panduro

Why It Rules:

OK, the video’s definitely sick and twisted, but in some oddly visceral way it’s fascinating.  The concept centers around the idea of a reliance on another for pleasure, specifically depicted in the video as a lustful craving that goes horribly wrong.  This has to be one of the ballsiest videos I’ve ever watched and compliments the unsettling nature of the song perfectly.  The photography is expertly executed and the gore is very sick and very realistic.  The scene where the man is desperately trying to stuff his organs back in his body gets me every time.  There’s so much raw emotion and panic in that 10 seconds of video that it sets my mind on edge.  I’ve got to give props to director Michael Panduro for his concept and execution as this is easily one of the most inventive videos I’ve ever seen.

Cephalic Carnage‘s newest twisted release, Misled By Certainty, is out now on Relapse Records.  Snatch it!


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