Red Dawn Remake To Finally Get Released In 2012?

Back when MGM was having financial troubles a few films were bounced around, edited and eventually doomed from release. No one knew the fate of The Cabin in the Woods or the Red Dawn remake. Lionsgate came in to save the day and took The Cabin in the Woods, which left Red Dawn alone on an empty shelf. Rumor has it that the film cost $60 million to make, which isn’t exactly cheap. You’d think someone would have jumped on this quick, but that wasn’t the case. Then came news about the film getting digitally edited so that the enemies would be North Korean instead of Chinese, but that would eliminate a big Chinese audience that would have likely spent money on the film. MGM dropped the film at that point and it just sort of fell off of everyone’s radar.

Now, The Film Stage is reporting that FilmDistrict might be picking up the film. FilmDistrict released the horror hit Insidious earlier this year and went on to release the Nicolas Winding Refn/Ryan Gosling team up film called Drive.

Insidious made an incredible amount of money on its micro budget and Drive has already passed its reported budget. FilmDistrict’s weakest blow this year was Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, which performed well, but not up to the “standards” for that type of horror film.

I applaud FilmDistrict for taking a risk with Red Dawn. I’m not expecting much, but I do want to see the film because it features a good cast and it’s a remake of a film that I’ve never see. The film stars Josh Peck, Chris Hemsworth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki and Brett Cullen.

Chances are Red Dawn doesn’t make it to theaters this year, but 2012 is looking very likely, especially since audiences will have time to warm up to Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods. Expect Red Dawn to drop sometime close to those films or perhaps late summer, where genre remakes flourish.

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