Red Band Trailer For ‘Sabotage’, Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been blowing up the box office since his return to the big screen, but damn if he isn’t trying. The Last Stand was absolutely awesome, while Escape Plan kind of sucked.

Still, there’s David Ayer‘s upcoming R-rated crime drama Sabotage to look forward to. Ayer last directed End of Watch and also wrote Training Day, so we already know what he can bring to the table. Teaming him up with Schwarzenegger is an excellent move, especially after viewing this very bloody and gory red band trailer.

It highlights the film’s gritty violence and Ayer’s unique filming style, which oftentimes blends traditional camerawork with POV shots that are aggressive and up in your face.

I like what I see and I cannot wait to see more, once the film drops into theaters next month.

Check out the trailer below:

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