Red Band Trailer For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’


After numerous delays and financial troubles with MGM, Hot Tub Time Machine finally saw a theatrical release back in 2010 and banked enough money for sequel talks to begin rather quickly (or slowly depending on how you view things these days).

Now, just four years later, we’ve got a sequel, bringing back director Steve Pink and stars Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke, while ditching John Cusack. Don’t worry though, Adam Scott will be “replacing” him apparently, with another said-to-be-awesome cameo by Mr. Chevy Chase.

I thought the first film was a good bit of dumb fun that made me a laugh a bit more than expected. That being said, this sequel looks a bit cheaper and a little more forced in the jokes department, which has me looking forward to seeing it, but not counting down the days or anything.

I sure hope Hot Tub Time Machine 2 can be that good kind of counter-marketing needed come December, once all of the Oscar bait stuff starts to over-saturate theaters.

Are you ready?

Trailer down below:

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