Red Band Trailer For ‘Vacation’ Reboot/Sequel Is Here

The original Vacation films are age-old classics that I still re-visit with the family from time to time. Christmas Vacation is a yearly tradition at my household, while the other films get frequent re-watches as time calls for them.

So naturally the idea of a sequel/reboot had me startled, even if Chevy Chase pops up for a small cameo.

But WB somehow has managed to grab my interest, with a hard R-rating and Ed Helms starring as Clark Griswold’s equally dumb son, Rusty.

This first trailer is crude, dirty and full of some hard laughs that will definitely have most writing it off as dumb nonsense, while I continue to clap and cheer.

I haven’t laughed this hard at a trailer in a long time and I think that’s a really good sign.

Plus, Chris Hemsworth’s “abs” are on display in full fashion.

Vacation hits theaters this July.


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