Red Band Trailer For This Is 40

Director Judd Apatow is returning as director for his fourth outing behind the camera. The film is a sort-of sequel to Knocked Up and it’s called This Is 40. It brings back the characters Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann played in Knocked Up and follows them and their lives as they reach that mid-life crisis. I’m sure the film will be fine and dandy, much like most of Apatow’s work, but my question is will it be an improvement over Funny People?

Funny People certainly aged better than some of his other films. I initially didn’t care for it, but found myself enjoying most of the first half and parts of the last half with repeat viewings. The problems I had with that film were Apatow’s obsession with showing his family on camera and constantly falling into a slump around the two hour mark.

There’s no reason his films need to be as long as they are, yet he continues to stretch the running times.

The new red band trailer shows off more of the raunchy jokes, while still remaining a lot softer and tamer than his previous films. I’m not really holding out hope for anything above average, but it would be nice to get a surprise this close to Christmas!

Check out the trailer below:

Source : Funny or Die

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