Red Band Trailer For The Change-Up

Either I’m not paying too much attention to the marketing for The Change-Up or Universal is doing a lazy job, but this red band trailer, which is coming to us just a few weeks before release has actually managed to give me more details about the film that I had no idea about.

I thought The Change-Up was about two random people that met at a bar and envied each other’s lives, so they wish under a well and then in the morning they wake up in each other’s bodies. While this is true for the most part, one detail was left out in the first trailers. They are related to each other. Maybe I just really haven’t been following this one too closely, but this new red band trailer is the first time I found out that Ryan Reynolds plays uncle Mitch. I thought he was just some random guy, not an uncle, a family relative.

This new bit of news for me could add even more to this hilarious looking comedy. The whole idea of switching bodies has been done before, but never in an R-rated form that was aimed at males. The jokes in the trailer hit all the right notes and Jason Bateman is finally playing something different, well kind of. Reynolds looks like he’s back doing what he does best, which is making us laugh in R-rated manners. Screw Green Lantern and his more serious roles, Reynolds can only make me laugh with dumb jokes and getting trapped in a box.

The Change-Up stars Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde and Alan Arkin. Look for it in theaters on August 5th, 2011 and expect my review sometime early next week!

Check out the red band trailer below, thanks to The Film Stage.

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