Red Band Trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’ Now Online

Every few years, Adam Sandler does a movie like the ones that made him famous, Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison.  Playing idiot manchildren is his specialty, and he returns to that mode with his next film That’s My Boy.  Starring Sandler as loser Donnie, who finds out he has to pay $43,000 in back taxes or go to prison for tax evasion.  He finds out his estranged son (Andy Samberg) is a hedge fund manager that’s about to get married, so he goes to visit him in an attempt to get his son to pay his back taxes.

Of course, Donnie is an insufferable buffoon, so while his son lets him into his life, Donnie begins to ruin everything, from his son’s bachelor party to his future daughter-in-law’s wedding dress.  The red band trailer has hit the net, and it features all kinds of wackiness in strip clubs, fighting in parking lots, and the general idiocy Sandler has come to be associated with.

The script was re-written by David Wain and Ken Marino (makers of Wet Hot American Summer, and writers of Role Models and Wanderlust) and the film is directed by Sean Anders and John Morris (who worked together creating Sex Drive and scripting Hot Tub Time Machine as well as making Mr. Popper’s Penguins).  The film releases this Father’s Day, making it one of the first big comedies of the summer season.  See the red band trailer below, featuring a bunch of crazy cameos.

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