Red Band Trailer For ‘Snatched’, Featuring Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn

I’m all for director Jonathan Levine getting a studio break, especially if it’s an R-rated comedy, featuring two notable names, but man does this first red band trailer for Snatched┬áland kind of soft.

Levine is usually known for his excellent scriptwriting abilities and his eye for capturing such raw emotion and vulnerable moments in ways that can be both serious or funny.

I get that most of his work up until this (and to a smaller degree The Night Before) have combated both drama and comedy, while this is mostly just a straight-forward comedy, but c’mon man!

Goldie Hawn hasn’t been relevant in a decade or two, while Amy Schumer is mostly unfunny and trying too hard to be the next “best thing”.

I’ll watch Snatched because I’m an easy laugh, but not because I have any faith in the film.

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