Red Band Trailer For John Hillcoat’s Lawless

There’s one last movie that I’m really looking forward to this summer and that’s John Hillcoat‘s Lawless, previously titled The Wettest County in the World. It stars Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf as a pair of bootlegging brothers in the prohibition era. LaBeouf hasn’t been on too much of a hot streak as of late, but this could be the role we’ve all been waiting for.

It also doesn’t hurt knowing that the film also stars Gary Oldman, Guy Peace, Jason Clarke and Jessica Chastain.

Hillcoat is known for making specific films that play out a little slower, with emphasis on tone and atmosphere. I liked that very much in The Road, while others hated it. I think Lawless could be the hidden gem of the summer or the biggest disappointment.

What do you think?

Lawless opens on August 29th, 2012.

Watch the trailer below:

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