Red Band Trailer For Bachelorette

There’s a new red band trailer for Bachelorette and it pokes at some of the film’s darker humor in a much more R-rated light. I’m a sucker for red band trailers, because they actually get to reveal some of the film’s dirtier jokes and funnier moments. This trailer is no exception, with more than enough laugh-out-loud moments, mostly anchored by Lizzy Caplan.

Her co-stars Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher, Kirsten Dunst and even Adam Scott look to be having the same amount of fun, but Caplan’s in-your-face eager attitude is downright hilarious and something that fits the film well.

I’m hoping Bachelorette breaks out and becomes as big as Bridesmaids, but I’d be just as happy if it found a respectable group of audiences at home for its VOD release and a nice crowd in theaters for its theatrical run.

Bachelorette hits VOD on August 10th and theaters on September 7th.

Watch the red band trailer below, via Funny Or Die:

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