Red Band Immortals Clip

Immortals is right around the corner, coming out this Friday on 11-11-11 and the only real stuff released so far has been numerous batches of glossy photos and a few trailers that consist of mostly the same footage, just cut differently. What most people want to know is how this R-rated blood and sandals flick by a visionary director is going to play out. Director Tarsem Singh is no doubt a visual heavy director, but if you’ve seen Zack Snyder‘s Sucker Punch then you know visuals can only go so far, hell action can only go so far. It’s the story that matters. The story is the meat of the film and without it the rest is worthless.

This new red band clip only confirms what we know about Singh, he knows how to make a unique film from a visual angle, plus he knows how to make it bloody! Immortals fell off my radar almost instantly, but the R rating pulled me back in. I’m all for an action film with tons of bloodshed. I don’t get excited for flicks like this, but I do have a natural curiosity for them.

300 changed the game, merging comic-book like visuals with a classic Spartan tale, but can Singh’s Immortals do the same? He has a respectable cast including Henry Cavill, John Hurt, Stephen Dorff, Freida Pinto and Mickey Rourke. He also has what looks like a modest budget to play around with, judging by the sheer grand scale of most of the action shots. Can his particular visual style blend well with the bloody tale trying to be told? Is there even a tale worth telling here or is this just a bunch of actors looking for a paycheck and a director trying to fine tune his camerawork?

I’m not sure just yet. This latest clip, provided by Coming Soon is full of bloody violence, but it flows a little too freely. Obviously the film can’t be judged by this clip alone, out of context and all, but it makes you wonder. Can you climb aboard Singh’s ship and embrace his direction? If so, do you like what you see here or is this just another example of style over substance?

I’ll be seeing Immortals tomorrow, so make sure to check back for my review! Until then, check out the red band clip below!

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