Red Band for Matthew Lillard’s Directorial Debut ‘Fat Kid Rules the World’

It had been a while since anyone had heard from Matthew Lillard, that is, until he popped up for a key role in The Descendants late last year.  Now, the Scream star is back, this time behind the camera, on his first directorial project, Fat Kid Rules the World, and we have the red band trailer courtesy of THR.

The film is based on a novel by K.L. Going, the film premiered last night at the SXSW film festival, hopefully we’ll start seeing reviews soon.  The novel is said to be about: “A depressed, overweight kid becoming friends with a high school dropout and street musician who’s forming a punk band. As the musician’s drug issues come to light, the teenager’s father becomes increasingly worried about the friendship.”

The film stars Jake Wysocki (from Terri) and Billy Campbell, who has a key role on AMC‘s The Killing, as well as features Matt O’Leary, who was in last year’s SXSW hit Natural Selection.


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