‘Red 2’ Gets a Director and a Release Date

Last year, the movie RED, starring John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and Bruce Willis was a bit of a surprise hit at the box office for Summit Entertainment.  In fact, it was their biggest hit outside of the Twilight franchise, so it’s no wonder they’re going back to the well again.  Not that this is a pure cash grab, the DC Comics title has many stories to go on, so I’m sure there will be something to go on for screenwriters Jon and Eric Hoeber.

Now though, Summit has announced the person that will be bringing the film to screens next year (via Variety) who are reporting that Dean Parisot will helm the film.  They’ve also announced that the title will hit screens August 2nd, 2013, and will be the last of Summit‘s solo titles before they become fully integrated with Lionsgate, who recently purchased the company.  Parisot has spent the past few years directing TV like Justified, Modern Family, and Monk.  His past feature work includes the comedies Fun With Dick and Jane (the Jim Carrey remake), and Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen.  He can handle the comedy, and the script is under way, but the last hurdle is the very popular, very busy, ensemble cast.

While Bruce Willis is attached, his schedule is always busy, and as A Good Day to Die Hard comes closer to fruition, the question has become ‘When will they all be available?’  Not only is Willis busy, but Freeman, Mirren, and Malkovich are always constantly working, and even Mary Louise Parker is busy with Weeds and other movies.  When all these people can clear their schedule long enough, it will happen, as this will be another great money maker for Summit, so I’m sure they’ll make sure it happens in a reasonable amount of time, but of course, that August 2013 date is always subject to change until you’re in the theater watching the film.

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