‘Reality’ & ‘War Witch’ Trailers

reality poster

We have two critically acclaimed trailers that have hit the internet recently, and the first is the follow up film to Gomorra from Italian director Matteo Garrone.  I personally loved Gomorra, but I understand the complaints that it was sort of a mixed bag of story fragments, rather than a full feature film.  While I agree with that to an extent, my only criticism would be I wish it were longer to expound further on the story being told.

Reality is his new movie, and while there is little out there about the actual plot of the film, it looks to be a surrealist take on one man’s obsession with getting onto the TV show Big Brother.  The trailer is kind of creepy in a certain way, but with the trailers comparing it to Fellini and Buñuel, I think it gets more weird than creepy.  Either way, I’m interested to see it.

war witch poster

The other foreign film to get a  trailer today is War Witch, one of the nominations for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars next month.  The film is about a young girl kidnapped by rebels in the Congo jungle who must fight for her life, and because of her miraculous survival in a massive gun fight, she is believed to be a witch, hence the title of the film.  The most interesting aspect of the film is it was shot in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has been stuck in a vicious cycle of civil war, often called the “African World War” as it involves multiple nations and has been going on since 1998.  It has become the deadliest conflict since World War II, and the country is known as one of the most violent (especially for sexual crimes like rape) in the world.  The film looks to be beautifully shot, in a haunting sort of way, and the story looks very compelling.  Check the trailer out for yourself:

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