Ratchet And Clank Movie Announced


Rainmaker Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing a full-length Ratchet and Clank animated film in 2015, and I am so incredibly hyped. I am being unbelievably serious, because Ratchet and Clank, along with the dim-witted Captain Qwark, make up what is easily one of the best comic relief teams in all of video games. It doesn’t bother me too much that Rainmaker is best known only for Beast Wars and MTV’s 1994 Spider-Man series amongst a bunch of Barbie shit and Stuart Little 3. For all any of us know, they could be bringing writers, modelers, and animators from Insomniac Games over to the studio to work on the film (which would be preferable).

All in all, I won’t be keeping my hopes up that much, but the thing that makes Ratchet and Clank so great as a comedy duo is that they both play equal parts funny man and straight man, so they keep each other in check. This is a stark contrast to, say, Jak and Daxter from Naughty Dog, where Jak is the clear straight man and Daxter is the clear (and godly) funny man. As long as the regular voice actors for the characters are on board, then so am I. Oh, and there’d better be plenty of Captain Qwark. That guy is the best kind of stupid. You can view the official announcement below, and keep checking in at The Daily Rotation for future updates on the film.

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