Rango Review

When I first started seeing the trailers for Rango I always found myself switching the channels. I thought the movie looked lame and something that I wouldn’t ever want to see. Seriously how good could an animated movie be that features a lizard as sheriff in the desert. Well I had the day off, and nothing planned. Seeing as I had already seen the other movies coming out this weekend, I decided to go see Rango. I had been seeing reviews saying that it is a pretty good movie and such. Why not give it a try, lets see what happens to a lizard acting as a sheriff in a town called “Dirt”.

If you haven’t caught on quite yet, Rango is a lizard (voiced by Johnny Depp). The movie opens with Rango in a fish tank in the back of a car being delusional. He is acting out a movie with inanimate objects such as half a Barbie doll. This helps explain Rango’s mindset and personality for the rest of the movie. His acting is interrupted by the squealing and jolting of the car that he is in. Next thing you know he is breaking through glass and dodging traffic. What caused the car to swerve you may ask. What else, a dumb animal trying to cross a busy road. The only problem with this concept is that this animal that caused all of this isn’t dumb at all. He tells Rango where he needs to go to find water, however at the time Rango didn’t understand that he had to find Dirt to find the water. Once Rango gets to the town all the fun starts. He starts to make a name for himself by making a lot of stuff up and killing the one thing that bothers the town, the hawk. Upon killing the hawk he is presented as a hero to the town and they ask him to protect it. Of course this doesn’t come without its conflicts considering Rango is lizard and one of the villains is Rattlesnake Jake.

First off, I want to say how awesome this movie looked, visually. The graphics on this looked superb. There were times that I was just in shock at how the color contrast was. I noticed it throughout the entire movie, but it really took affect towards the end. The color contrast with the desert feeling and the setting sun on the town’s people’s faces was insane. Of course it’s not just the color contrast that is amazing. You go from chases across the western desert to chases in the sky. Everything just works very, very well together.

Not only were the visuals awesome, I felt like the storyline was pretty decent. You watched Rango completely lose himself in his character. He would do anything to feel like he belonged, like he had friends. He went to the absolute extreme for people he hardly knew. To say that the storyline is original would be false, but it was well done to fit a children’s movie.

Honestly, I wasn’t really drawn to Johnny Depp‘s character, Rango. Rango seemed to be distant and did whatever the town’s people wanted. He was a free spirit and just went with the flow. On the contrary I was more drawn to the different supporting roles there were. Every character seemed to cover a different little aspect of the western feel.

Surprisingly I felt like this movie worked. Like I said earlier, whenever I saw the trailers and such I always found myself changing the channel and whatnot. I went into this movie with mix expectations. Those expectations were that I wasn’t expecting much out of the movie, but then again I had heard a lot of good things about it. So I guess I just went in with an open mind. Since it is aimed at kids, I thought that I might find myself bored a little bit. Not once did I find myself bored, I was actually interested the entire time. There were the parts of the movie when you had the kids laughing and then there were the parts when you had the adults laughing. What is a children’s movie without some adult humor also!?

So all in all, I did like this movie. It’s probably not a movie that I could see again. To me it’s one of those movies that I will only see once in my lifetime. That is not to say that it didn’t have a good concept. I was surprised walking out of the theater. If you have kids, I’d say take them to this instead of going to see any other kids movie in the theaters right now (Gnomeo & Juliet).

Rango – 8/10

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