Rango Blu-ray Review


Rango follows a lizard named Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp). The movie opens with Rango in a fish tank in the back of a car being delusional. He is acting out a movie with inanimate objects such as half a Barbie doll. This helps explain Rango’s mindset and personality for the rest of the movie. His acting is interrupted by the squealing and jolting of the car that he is in. Next thing you know he is breaking through glass and dodging traffic. What caused the car to swerve you may ask. What else, a dumb animal trying to cross a busy road. The only problem with this concept is that this animal that caused all of this isn’t dumb at all. He tells Rango where he needs to go to find water, however at the time Rango didn’t understand that he had to find Dirt to find the water. Once Rango gets to the town all the fun starts. He starts to make a name for himself by making a lot of stuff up and killing the one thing that bothers the town, the Hawk. Upon killing the Hawk he is presented as a hero to the town and they ask him to protect it. Of course this doesn’t come without its conflicts considering Rango is lizard and one of the villains is Rattlesnake Jake.

I felt like the storyline was pretty decent. You watched Rango completely lose himself in his character. He would do anything to feel like he belonged, like he had friends. He went to the absolute extreme for people he hardly knew. To say that the storyline is original would be false, but it was well done to fit a children’s movie.

Honestly, I wasn’t really drawn to Johnny Depp‘s character, Rango. Rango seemed to be distant and did whatever the town’s people wanted. He was a free spirit and just went with the flow. On the contrary I was more drawn to the different supporting roles there were. Every character seemed to cover a different little aspect of the western feel.

Surprisingly I felt like this movie worked. Like I said earlier, whenever I saw the trailers and such I always found myself changing the channel and whatnot. I went into this movie with mix expectations. Those expectations were that I wasn’t expecting much out of the movie, but then again I had heard a lot of good things about it. So I guess I just went in with an open mind. Since it is aimed at kids, I thought that I might find myself bored a little bit. Not once did I find myself bored, I was actually interested the entire time.  What is a children’s movie without some adult humor also!?

 Blu-ray Package:

Video: Paramount gives us a flawless and perfect transfer. The 1080p transfer picks up every little detail imaginable. The detail in the Rango’s skin, the texture that comes with the wooden buildings in the desert or the texture of the the beaten clothes they all wear is impeccable. It’s nearly impossible to imagine how all those details could fit into each frame. Not only does the detail amaze me, the color grammit is perfect. The transfer of color is shocking. Your eyes are in for a treat when looking at the colors. Each of the characters skin colors, especially Rango’s, is perfect. His green leathery skin stands out in the dull tans and browns. The orange shirt is the perfect shade because of it’s brightness. You won’t find this transfer stuggling with any of the colors. The black levels are spot-on as well. Rango might be the go to animated film when you need to reference things visually now.

Audio: Rango is given a DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless soundtrack, which in terms might not necessarily equal the quality that the video transfer does, but then again the video transfer is literally perfect.  The soundtrack takes advantage of every element. It appears to be clear and crisp all across the board. The major sound affects, cars zipping through the listening area at film’s open, gunfire tearing through the soundstage later in the movie, are delivered at the perfect volume. The audio transfer for Rango excels in every category that it is presented in.

Rango features quite the array of bonus features.

  • Audio Commentary (Only available on extended version): This pretty much covers all the basics; film’s design, structure and themes.
  • Breaking the Rules: Making Animation History (HD): This is a two part feature that brings the viewer behind the scenes for a look at how the movie was made. You watch as they discuss the history, plot and how everything came together.
  • Deleted Scenes (HD): There are quite a few different deleted scenes in this section. To top the deleted scenes off, there is Coda — Never Before Seen Ending.
  • Real Creatures of Dirt (HD): A kid’s educational piece that introduces them to the real-world creatures that live in the desert.
  • Storyboard Reel Picture-in-Picture (Only available on theatrical version): Viewers may watch the film overlaid with the corresponding hand-drawn storyboards.
  • A Field Trip to Dirt (HD): Viewers may navigate themselves through a digital landscape of Dirt that allows them to learn more about the creatures that inhabit it.
  • Rango Theatrical Trailer (HD):

Overall I would have to say that Rango is a fun movie. Not necessarily original by any means, but it still doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. I felt like the storyline worked, even though when I first heard of it I past it up like it was nothing. Not only does it find itself as a fun movie, that transfer on the Blu-ray is superb. The video transfer is literally perfect. Paramount hit this one out of the park with a reference like transfer. The audio is similar, it is a reference quaility in its own. This is a beautifully done movie all across the board. Rango on Blu-ray is almost a must have even if you don’t particularly like the story, one must own it for the transfers. This one is all but guarenteed a spot in the top Blu-rays of the year.

Movie – 8/10

Video – 10/10

Audio – 10/10

Special Features – 5/10

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