R-Rated Trailer For Seth Rogen’s Animated Comedy ‘Sausage Party’ Is Here

Seth Rogen is one of those hate-him-or-love-him type of actors and I mostly fall into the love him category. I love that he’s constantly churning out quality performances, even though some claim that he often plays the same role.

That’s not exactly false, but it’s also not fair to stereotype. He’s at least trying to stretch his creative muscles behind the lens, as a producer and writer.

His latest collaboration with Evan Goldberg is an R-rated animated film titled Sausage Party and it looks pretty freaking great.

The first trailer reveals the film’s clever premise, which is essentially an R-rated version of Toy Story, only surrounding food and what happens once they learn that humans are about to gobble them up.

It really does seem like a classic scenario and I’m excited to see how Rogen, Goldberg and directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan pull it off.

The film co-stars Danny McBride, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Edward Norton and many others.

Check out the NSFW red band trailer up above and sound off in the comments down below with your thoughts.

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