Qwikster Is No More

It looks like Netflix is finally getting the hint after dropping 65% in the stock market and losing almost a million subscribers. People don’t want a new, separate service; they just want to continue to rent movies and shows via streaming and disc, all under the same roof, with the possibility of renting games as well.

According to Blu-ray.com Netflix CEO Reed Hastings published a blog earlier this morning saying that Netflix will continue to run under one site and that Qwikster will not be taking off.

Due to this announcement Netflix‘s stock has risen up 7%. A lot of people are wondering what the plan is for video games, since the statement mentioned that Netflix is done raising prices. I for one am glad to hear this. Netflix has been making bad decisions left and right and it’s about time they wake up and listen to the customers. People want the best price for everything on one site. Convenience is the big thing here and splitting it up into two sites is not going to help that.

What are your thoughts on Netflix remaining as one?

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