Queued Up for the Weekend: The Wire


With the imminent launch of HBO Now and the new season of Game of Thrones upon us, I have unofficially dubbed April “HBO Month”. To get into the spirit of HBO Month, I am going to recommend you to queue up the critically acclaimed, Reddit.com favorite, The Wire.

The Wire is a crime drama that tells a different story about different criminal subsets of Baltimore, MD each season. The first season, the one I am currently watching, is about the illegal drug trade. The subsequent seasons cover the seaport system, city politics, the education system, and the print media.

So far I don’t know much about The Wire beyond the fact that I am enjoying myself so far. What I do know is that I was attracted to The Wire because so many news outlets declare this one of the best dramas ever made.

You can’t watch The Wire on Netflix unfortunately, however it is available to stream through Amazon Instant Video. Once HBO Now launches you will be available through that medium as well. I plan on taking my time and enjoy The Wire and you should too as we ramp up into HBO Month.


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