Queued up for the Weekend: Horns

Alexandre Aja's Horns

This weekend’s Queue features a movie that is not like many others, it is refreshingly unique and surprisingly thrilling. Queued up for this weekend is Alexandre Aja‘s  Horns.

Horns follows the story of Ig Perrish, Daniel Radcliffe, who is accused of killing his fiancé and is then acquitted for his crimes. The town he lives in despises him and wants to see him pay for his crimes. Quickly the movie gets strange when Ig grows a set of horns. Going further into the strange, these horns convince people to confess their sins to him and follow any command he gives. This and many other oddities appear along the journey to find the killer of Ig’s fiancé.

There are two shining reasons why you should see Horns this weekend.

First, Daniel Radcliffe has an amazing performance in this movie. His acting makes you completely forget the other roles he has played, all you see is Ig Perrish. That is how acting should be done, and shouldn’t really be a highlight but given Daniel’s acting resume, this task will be very difficult for him. Ig is in such a weird circumstance, his character is so emotionally deep and Daniel Radcliffe does such an excellent job bringing all that to life.

The second shining reason to see Horns is the unique story. The plot behind this movie is unlike any I have seen before. This movie is refreshingly different; it is suspenseful, entertaining, and satisfying. Beware though, there are a lot of strange circumstances (can I say that enough about this movie?) and you will get no explanation for them. For example if you need to know why Ig Perrish grows horns, you will not be satisfied. I normally fall into that category, I like order and reasoning, and I loved this movie.

This movie is so obviously different than anything else I have ever seen and boy was it refreshing. I highly recommend checking out Horns and this weekend if you have time!

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