Proof Of Bane’s Voice Change In The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has been out for almost two weeks now, which means everyone that wanted to comment on the film already has. One thing that has been stirring up debate is Tom Hardy‘s character, Bane, and how Warner Bros. went and altered his voice after complaints from the IMAX prologue release, which was attached to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

I always thought the original voice was just fine. It was hard to understand for all of 5 seconds, but that was mostly due to the nature of the scene, which was a loud (opened) airplane that was getting shot up. We were never meant to hear every single word that came out of Bane’s mouth. What we were supposed to hear was his message, which I thought came across loud and clear.

People complained that it was too much and it looks like Warner Bros. called Hardy back in to re-do some of the voice work. What’s interesting is that the level of clarity isn’t the only thing changed, but the actual lines seem to have been re-read, with different emotions coming out the second time.

One of my only gripes with The Dark Knight Rises was Bane’s voice and how it sounded too clear and how it sounded like he was talking to everyone from another room. Judging by this clip (via Bad Ass Digest) it looks that wouldn’t have been an issue if they would have stuck with the original voice.

Watch the clip below:

Bane’s voice comparison (IMAX prologue vs… by mrstevenrichter

Which one do you fancy?


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