Prometheus Might Be The Start Of A Trilogy

Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus has started screening early for critics and reviews have been mostly positive, with one reviewer simply telling everyone to tone down their expectations for the flick.

One interesting piece of news that has surfaced (via We Got This Covered) is the idea of Prometheus being the start of a planned trilogy.

Here are a few snippets from an interview they conducted with an unnamed source:

“We’re all really excited for it and I hope the film does well. It’s an excellent piece of work, Ridley [Scott] really did some amazing things with it. He has a lot more from that universe to show off as well, so if the film is a success, audiences can expect more.”

“Don’t push your luck,” he said chuckling. “All I can tell you right now is that the Prometheus universe doesn’t have to end after the first film, or the second film for that matter. There’s a lot of great material that Damon and Ridley have come up with and you may be surprised at what you see.”

Could Prometheus be the tip of the iceberg for something much larger and grander? I haven’t even seen the flick yet and I’m more than willing to return to such a vast world.

Prometheus opens in theaters on June 8th, 2012. Expect my review at the stroke of midnight that morning!

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