Prometheus Is Going To Be Rated R

We’ve been eagerly waiting for an official rating for Ridley Scott‘s upcoming sci-fi film Prometheus and now it looks like we have the official word!

Collider reported earlier on someone who got their hands on pre-sale tickets that listed the film as R, but now Fox is straight up confirming the rating and what is was tagged for.

Here’s the exact quote:

Steve here.  20th Century Fox has confirmed Prometheus will be rated R for “sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language.”

So there we have it, Prometheus will be rated R. It’s no stranger that I prefer my films darker and full of violence, blood, gore and whatnot, but I’m mostly a supporter of R-rated films because of what they usually stand for, the director’s vision.

Most of the time a director will be forced to cut his/her film down to a PG-13 in order to secure more money in ticket sales and to broaden the audience range. It’s not often that a director is allowed to stick with an R-rating, especially with a bigger budget.

This confirmation means that we’ll be seeing the cut of Prometheus that Ridley Scott wanted us to see, which is very reassuring.

The trailers have all pointed towards a darker, more adult themed story, but in the back of my mind I was worried Fox was going to screw us all and make us wait for Blu-ray for the real cut, but now we’ll be able to see it at the nearest IMAX in 3D.

Are you relieved to know that Prometheus got its R?

Prometheus opens in theaters on June 8th, 2012.

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