Prometheus Already Breaking Pre-Sale Records In The UK

The Avengers is currently on its way to the billion dollar mark and I’m sure The Dark Knight Rises will smash pre-sale and box office records when it lands in July, but what about Ridley Scott‘s R-rated sci-fi film Prometheus?

R-rated films tend to do much lower business worldwide, due to age restriction and generally the darker content and tone. A lot of people have been wondering if this massive pre-release hype for Prometheus could generate into something much bigger on a worldwide scale and this latest report is hinting at a possibility.

THR reports that Prometheus is already breaking records in the United Kingdom. At just one IMAX Theater alone the film has sold 30,000 tickets, which roughly translates to $700,000. If the film keeps heading in this direction then maybe it will end up being one of the summer’s most successful blockbusters released worldwide.

I’d love to see it be a real contender against things like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Men in Black 3.

Do you think Prometheus has what it takes to compete with these other massive films?


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