‘Prometheus 2’ Is Still Happening. New Script & Possible 2016 Release


Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus is still one of the most debated films of 2012. Most hate it and still consider it a giant disappointment and a slap in the face to all Alien fans, while some (me included) consider it a fine piece of work that boats strong visuals, a compelling story, but yes many unanswered questions and stupid decisions made by the airhead crew.

I initially loved it a lot more and then noticed with repeat viewings that it just wasn’t as great as I thought. Still, I don’t hate it and the idea of a sequel is something that I’d welcome with open arms, if only to see Noomi Rapace‘s character carry around Michael Fassbender‘s head in a duffel bag for most of the movie.

Now, sources are saying that Fox still wants to turn this one into a franchise and that Ridley Scott wants to direct the film for a possible 2016 release.

Screenwriter Michael Green, who’s also working on the Blade Runner sequel, is scribing something that is supposed to include more Fassbender by way of Droids.

Details are vague and nothing is set in stone just yet, but expect more information as we get it.

Source : The Wrap

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