‘Prometheus 2’ Having Troubles Finding Its Footing


It seems that loving or hating Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus doesn’t even matter these days, as long as writer Damon Lindelof gets attacked in one discussion or another. I actually enjoyed the film my first time with it, but I did find some of its glaring flaws to be heavier distractions with repeat viewings. Still, Prometheus entertained me and left me curious to see where they’d take this now trilogy.

It appears that even Fox doesn’t know where they’re taking it. Ever since Lindelof walked there’s been a lot of fuss over what they should do with it. Ridley Scott mentioned wanting to come back for a sequel, but who will continue writing the story into several films?

Several sources say that Fox is willing to hire anyone at this point out of anger towards Lindelof, while Lindelof himself came out recently and said that he still has strong relationships with both Fox and Scott and that the only reason why he didn’t come back was because of his deep involvement with Brad Bird‘s Tomorrowland.

Right now I’m willing to bet that Fox is looking to cut corners if it means getting something into production sooner than later. Prometheus made some decent money, but the negative word-of-mouth that’s been surrounding it could kill the chances of a sequel really hitting it home.

You’d think this would mean that they’d hire a better or more capable writer this time around — to fix those rough patches, but I’m sure they’ll just continue to cut corners and hire whoever can come up with the fastest idea that somewhat makes sense.

Source : Bloody-Disgusting

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