Producer Neal Moritz Says A Green Hornet Sequel Is Not Likely

Recently when talking to THR (via IndieWire) producer Neal Moritz discussed the Seth Rogen starred film The Green Hornet. He goes on to mention that the combination of the expensive post-conversion to 3D and the L.A. shoot is going to be the death of a sequel. Keep in mind that a sequel or follow-up was already planned, according to screenwriter Evan Goldberg.

The Green Hornet made an impressive $227 million dollars worldwide, yet that still isn’t enough for Sony to give the go ahead on a sequel. That’s kind of shocking news considering how much money the first one made and how much cheaper they could make a sequel. It also goes to show that wasting time converting a film to make a few extra bucks might actually hurt you in the long run.

The 3D for the film ranged from average to kind of cool, with most of the Kato-vision stuff being the best parts of the film. I generally liked the chemistry between Rogen and co-star Jay Chou and I’d be game for a sequel, if they keep the same humor with some more of those badass action sequences.

Does The Green Hornet need a sequel? No, not really, but it deserves one more than most films that are getting the go ahead. I’ll take a sub-par Green Hornet film over another Transformers film any day of the week.

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