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After a very lengthy hiatus we’ve finally returned with a fourth episode of The Rotation Nation Podcast. In Episode 4 I’m joined by my good friends Cort and Derek to discuss various things happening in the movie world, such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, upcoming comic book movies, our least favorite comic book movies, plus we sort of go on a random side conversation discussing the PlayStation 4 and the next gen consoles that are on the horizon.

We do our best to keep things structured and flowing, but occasionally we stray off into Green Lantern bashing and my continuous disappointment with Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Still, I think we cover some good subjects without sounding a little too dry or confused.

I’d like to mention that we recorded this before Sony’s official conference, so some of the PS4 discussion might not be as relevant as it once was. Also, special thanks to Wilson for putting together the show and for composing the funky intro song that you’ll hear towards the beginning. It reminds me of pancakes and assorted candies. I don’t know…

If you like what you hear or have suggestions on how we can improve the show please feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email at Jeremy@TheDailyRotation.com. We haven’t done a show in a while, but we plan on bringing this audio podcast back, in addition to creating a brand new video show, which should be debuting within the next couple months.

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