PODCAST: The Rotation Nation: Episode 1

Introducing The Rotation Nation Podcast, here to bring you the freshest content on the web in audio form! Writers and friends of TheDailyRotation.com come together to discuss movie news, current events, and other pop culture topics.

In today’s episode, writers Jeremy and Wilson are joined by friends Nate, Parker, and Austen to talk about Marvel Phase 2, The Justice League movie, most anticipated movies for the rest of the year, and early Oscar predictions.

We are still working out some details of the podcast and getting the format figured out, but expect another episode this month and plenty more to follow this year!

Make sure to drop us a line with feedback, because we want to know what worked and didn’t work and what you’d like to listen to in future episodes. We already know that the voice recording needs some tweaking and the show might run a little smoother with some nifty musical cues and proper editing, but that’s all stuff for Episode 2!

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