Platinum Dunes To Acquire Halloween Franchise

Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes must not like competition. After already releasing reboots for The Hitcher, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, they now plan on taking over the iconic Halloween series, according to Screen Rant.

Halloween was rebooted over at Dimension not too long ago with musician Rob Zombie behind the lens. His first shot at the character played it pretty close to the original, but with his added sense of redneck flare and torture porn. The second film on the other hand was a completely different film altogether, with a lot more of Zombie’s visuals and style. I give credit to Zombie for adding his own touch on the character, but I think someone more fitting could have done a lot more with the character.

My Bloody Valentine 3D writer Todd Farmer was in charge of writing a script for the gimmicky Halloween 3D, but it looks like Bay and Dunes co-heads Andrew Form and Brad Fuller want to start completely fresh. They’re in talks to take over the series, which could result in another pointless reboot with more blood and guts, but little story or character development.

I’m not completely against studios rebooting classic horror films, but I hate how they always hire inexperienced directors like Marcus Nispel or Jonathan Liebesman. They usually cast no-names as well, which isn’t as bad because that’s how most original horror series did it too. Imagine if we had an actual fan of the series behind the lens or a talented filmmaker looking to take on some challenging work. Instead, Dunes will go with who’s ever cheapest and free at the moment, resulting in another generic slasher.

The only positive I could see from this news is a possible Freddy vs. Jason vs. Myers, which would never happen….but still!

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