Platinum Dunes’ Animated Halloween Reboot Pitch

When someone wants to make a movie they usually have to present a pitch to the studios. Usually said pitches involve storyboards or videos that take footage from other films and shows to help convey a tone and an overall image for their specific vision. We shared director Joe Carnahan‘s vision for his Daredevil reboot that eventually got canned and now we have a look at Platinum Dunes’ idea for a Halloween reboot.

This animated pitch is less Rob Zombie-level grit and disgusting and more on the lines of a traditional slasher, with some well-used first person shots. I like the tension and I like the build up to the eventual Myers reveal. It feels less like a specific vision from one director and more like a straight-forward approach to the character. I think it works and I almost wish Platinum Dunes would have got their hands on the rights.

Most visions like this get diluted by the time the final film is complete, so chances are high that this specific take would have been just a fraction of what we saw in theaters.

Watch it below and let me know what you think:

via Bloody-Digusting

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