Pixar Continues With Sequels, Announcing ‘The Incredibles 2’ & ‘Cars 3’


I love it when Disney’s Pixar releases something original and creative, like Brave. What I don’t like is when they return to the milking machine and churn out shit like Cars 2.

It looks like the sequel business is still stronger than ever, with a recent chat with the CEO mentioning Brad Bird is in early production stages on The Incredibles 2, plus the dreaded Cars 3 ramping up too.

I knew Cars 3 was a given, because the first two are some of their highest selling in terms of merchandising, but really, a sequel to The Incredibles?

Bird once said that he wouldn’t come back unless they had a story that was just as good, if not better than the original and I certainly hope that statement is still true, because nothing is worse than Pixar sequels that don’t belong.

This is coming from someone that places The Incredibles rather low on their list of favorite Pixar films. I’ve only seen the film once and never had the urge to revisit. Maybe I should?

Regardless, both sequels should be coming by 2017.


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