Peter Jackson To Start Up Tintin Sequel Immediately After The Hobbit

It looks like Peter Jackson is going to have a busy couple of years. Steven Spielberg‘s The Adventures of Tintin hasn’t been the biggest moneymaker in the US, barely crossing over $75 million dollars not too long ago, but the film has been making bank overseas, bringing in almost $300 million bucks. Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson announced a sequel directly after the first film was released, stating that Jackson will be taking over director duties while Spielberg remains a producer.

Most were wondering how Jackson was going to be able to fit in a Tintin sequel with The Hobbit (both one and two) currently on his slate. Total Film is reporting that he’ll start work on Tintin 2 almost immediately after he finishes up photography on The Hobbit.

That sounds like an extremely close filming schedule and I hope all goes well for Jackson on both The Hobbit and Tintin 2. I really enjoyed Tintin. I thought it was a great animated adventure film that was exciting and fun to look at. Spielberg took full advantage of the animation and provided us with shots that are near-impossible to do traditionally. I’m not too worried about Jackson taking over as I’m sure he was just as involved with Spielberg’s directing of the first film as Spielberg will be with him directing the second film.

Expect The Adventures of Tintin 2 out in theaters sometime in 2013 or 2014, depending on if the schedule stays on course or not.

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