‘Peeples’ is Cringe-Worthy With Its New Trailer

Craig Robinson Peeples

Tyler Perry brings us some weird movies. Some argue that they are awful; others argue they are unique and great. Whatever you may argue, I think we can all agree with how outrageously unfunny this new Meet the Parents-like flick, Peeples, will be.

Peeples stars Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson as the young couple meeting Washington’s parent. What ensues in the trailer is Robinson getting into whacky calamity with the father (played by David Alan Grier).

I don’t know about you, but this is the most cringe worthy thing I’ve seen all day, and I browse /r/cringepics. There’s something not right about the usually calm and cool Craig Robinson putting on a headdress and boogying down.

Who knows, maybe Peeples will be so awful that it’s downright hilarious. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Have a look at these awkward posters in the meantime!



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