Pebble’s Pebble Time – Ready for Mass Production

If you have been following the Pebble Watch recently you already know that Apple has rejected apps that support the Pebble Watch from the App Store. However this doesn’t seem to have stopped the Kickstarter company from pushing through. Pebble has entered mass production on their new watch, Pebble Time, this week. Not only are they entering mass production, they are even more excited that they are on track to ship later this month.

“We’re firing on all cylinders to get Pebble Time onto your wrist,” Pebble said in its latest update on Kickstarter. “With new hardware AND software on deck for May, the team is busy, excited, and fired up!”

Pebble has quite a lineup of features and improvements in their first software release on for day 1. First off is the new Timeline interface. This interface will allow you to review “Past”, “Present” and “Future” events directly from the watch via different buttons. Were you tired of an 8 app limit? Pebble was too. Well now there will be expanded app storage on the device. Pebble hasn’t given un an exact number for how many it will hold but currently states, “Pebble time will store as many apps and faces as possible on the watch itself”. When it is not storing them on your watch, it will automatically install from your Android or iOS device.

Pebble has also added a new sport app. It can keep track of MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAM scores with the official app. Unlike having to add the ESPN app, it will not be built in to our timeline. There has been a redesign for the app colors. Categories such as alarms, calendar, music, notifications, sports and settings will all have new color e-paper displays. To top all those changes off, you’ll be able to get a voice replay for Android notifications.

On the downside, Pebble has already a list of things that will not be available on day one but they are actively working on to add to the Pebble Time. Those features consist of; voice response to Gmail notifications on iOS, voice note app, stocks app, weather watchface and album art view for the music app. Even though they are on Pebble’s “to-do” list, there isn’t a specific timeframe on when they could possibly be completed.

Unfortunately Pebble hasn’t released any update about existing watch users receiving a software update to the new Timeline interface. It is also still unclear when Pebble Time pre-orders will be open to non-kickstarter backers.

If you have already backed Pebble on Kickstarter, you should be receiving an email here in the next week or so confirming your order in regards to the color and delivery selection you want. If you want to swap colors or upgrade delivery, you will get a chance to do so before delivery time arrives. While you are waiting for your Pebble Time to arrive you can learn more about all of the new features on their Kickstarter page via the link below.

I personally would like to see the update to the existing watches, as I already own one. If I have to purchase a new one, I probably would. I have been extremely happy about the one I have. I’m excited to see how they turn out and already in line for a pre-order just in case. Let us know what you think about the upcoming Pebble Time that is set to start shipping towards the end of May.

Source: Kickstarter


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