Paul Walker Has Passed Away


Death is never easy. It’s even worse when it’s tragic. Last night, the shocking and tragic news surrounding the death of star Paul Walker came out. He was only 40 years old and he died in the passenger seat of a car when the vehicle went off the road and killed both people inside. He was leaving a charity event that he attended and now the Fast & Furious star is gone.

It’s always hard reporting about deaths, because people have such a weird view on Hollywood deaths. Some argue that they’re over-glorified and blown up on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, while others go a little overboard in the mourning process, but the fact of the matter is that death touches all of us so differently.

Paul Walker wasn’t my favorite actor. I’d be lying to you if I said that I enjoyed all of his movies and thought of him very highly as a performer. The man made some questionable career decisions on screen, but he always dedicated himself to his roles and the films that he starred in. He made a name for himself with the Fast & Furious franchise, which use to be considered a straight-up joke to most, but is now considered one of the last (and best) action franchises out there.

This is partially because of Paul Walker and his love for the franchise and the fans that powered it. And for that I will always respect him.

Running Scared will always be my go-to Paul Walker film, because that film showed us just how much potential the man had. He made the film that much better and I still consider it a criminally underrated film. And it’s that same reason that this death hurts even more, because Walker always felt like that guy that had so much more to give us and now he’s gone.

Paul Walker left behind a daughter and many friends and family members. My thoughts and condolences go out to everyone at this time.


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