Paul Thomas Anderson Hoping To Shoot Inherent Vice Next Year


Paul Thomas Anderson‘s name should be making its way back into the masses with the hopes of an Oscar push for his most-recent film, The Master. I’m still sort of split on that one, when compared to his other masterpieces, but it’s for sure worth a nomination or two (or three or four!). His next film is going to be Inherent Vice, which is going to be loosely based on the stoner novel written by Thomas Pynchon.

His inspiration for this flick or at least what he’ll be referencing to before/while filming is a 60s comic strip called The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, which is being described as something that has a strong stoner feel to it, much like Inherent Vice.

Having not read Vice or really knowing much of what it’s about isn’t going to be a problem though, because Anderson plans on adapting it much like how he did There Will Be Blood, which means liberties will be taken.

If all goes well he plans to start production next year. Are you looking forward to his next film? What did you think of his most recent one?

Source : The New York Times

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