Paul Feig’s next — Bridget Jones’ Diary 3?

Paul Feig is a smart, interesting guy.  After getting his first major recognition as the creator and showrunner of Freaks and Geeks, he has mostly laid low on the Hollywood scene as his friends and former co-workers like Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Judd Apatow, and John Francis Daly have gone on to become Hollywood stars in their own right.  Feig has spent the years since directing TV shows like Arrested Development, The Office and the feature comedy from 2006, Unaccompanied Minors.

Only recently, with his breakout feature hit Bridesmaids, has Feig found the type of success that would allow him to do any project of his choosing, including the rumored Bridesmaids 2.  With a vast pool of talent willing to do his bidding, money earned at the box office, and his choice of projects, what did Feig do?

According to The Playlist, he might be next in the cannon fodder for the Bridget Jones’ Diary series, possibly taking the helm of the third film.  From Universal’s stand-point, it’s a brilliant move.  Bridesmaids hit all the right notes, finding its strong female audience in addition to a crossover male and teen audience, resulting in big box office the first few weeks, and strong legs to keep it in the top 10 for the weeks since.

From Feig’s standpoint, however, I just don’t see the logic.  With the choice of any property seemingly at his fingertips, why would he choose a third film in a medicore at best series?  Fans of the Bridget Jones character have long complained she has not been done justice on the screen, is that something Feig thinks he could change?  Would his third Bridget Jones movie be the crossover hit that Universal is looking for in the series?  Personally, I don’t see it.  What about you?

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